Easter Gift Guide

Springtime is in the air which means Easter is right around the corner! With my daughter about to be 3 this is such a fun time to Decorate and Celebrate the Holidays. However, if you don’t have time to go out and shop it can be stressful. To help make everything available on one page I’ve complied an Easter Gift Guide all from Kohl’s♥️ This list will help you add some fun elements to anyones Easter Day. This page contains affiliate links to Kohls products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Whipped Body Cream

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Motherhood- My Journey so far (Birth thru 2 years)

We recently celebrated my Stepson turning 15 & my Daughter turning 2.. AND Wow! What an Unforgetable Experience becoming a Parent has been so far. My heart has never felt SO full of Love. Never have I been/felt so selfless! Having kids is one of the BEST things that has ever happened to me. Is it easy being a Mom? Heck No! I’ve been beat up by a kicking screaming baby, had chunks of my hair pulled out,  thought I had broken me nose or chipped my teeth Multiple times.  So no, it’s not easy, its a daily test of Patience, and yet seeing my children smile fills my heart with so much happiness that it makes it all 100% worth it!

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3 Easy Healthy Habits to Adapt🥑🍅📚

1. Keep Fruits and Veggies on hand

The best way to get Vitamins and Nutrients is through Food itself. There is no Pill or Substitute that is better than the real thing. Having Healthy Food options on hand is crucial. Buying only unhealthy items means: you bought it, you’ll eat it.

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