5 Ways To Market Your Business

As a small business owner, you probably feel as if you are at an unfair advantage compared to large, national chains. Does this sound like something you would say? But, did you know that most consumers actually trust and use local businesses when given the choice between a smaller company and a national chain? It’s true! That’s why you should not worry about how small you are. It’s good to be local and family-owned! Instead, concentrate on how to market your business to those that want to use your services, or buy your products. Here are 5 ways to market your business:

Become A Social Media Guru

Ah social media, both exciting and stressful when it comes to marketing your business. Becoming a social media guru is a fantastic way to market your business.

Everyone is on Instagram and Facebook nowadays, so join the crowd and take advantage of that. Get to know your consumers by forming “connections” with them via social media.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to expand your following and reach. However, it is important to be selective when participating in contests or giveaways. You want to ensure that the product or partnership fits within your specific niche.

If you are introducing a new business, giving away free samples of your product can be a good way to engage as the recipients will talk and spread the word about the product. You can also give out coupons or discount codes, as such gestures will make people feel good about your business and product and may prompt them to market your product through word of mouth.

Create Quality Content

If you read any article or listen to any business podcast regarding gaining an engaged and loyal following, the recurring theme is content. Quality content is the key to successful marketing. You need to “know your why” and be able to share it.

Your “why” is the reason for starting the business. Share your unique story. The story behind why you started your business will differentiate you from others in the same niche. When you share your story in an authentic way, it will resonate with people and become more memorable.

In addition, you need to make your content easy to discover. You need to establish an online presence through social media, a website, or a blog. Once you are present online, you need to make your content discoverable with the use of keywords. Keywords should be relevant to your market niche when publishing a post to improve your ranking in search engines.

Utilize Advertising Channels Such As Billboards

Billboards are a more traditional form of advertising, but they sure do work, especially if you work with a professional billboard company that works with Irvin, Inc. Why, you ask? Well, Irvin, Inc. conducts extensive research to ensure that their products are the most innovative and reliable solutions available in the marketplace. They simply offer the best lighting solutions out there – especially when it comes to billboards. They also have fantastic reviews, as well, so you know that they are trusted by many people in the industry. Check out this review from Mike Mielke with Adams Advertising:

““Like many in the outdoor industry, we spent considerable amounts of time testing numerous LED lighting options before we chose MarQuee LED. The quality of the light coverage on the face, along with the ease of installation made the final decision easy. The energy and maintenance savings are tremendous and make the initial investment a wise choice.”

Not only does Irvin, Inc. provide lighting for billboard, but they also provide billboard supplies such as digital signage, hardware, ladders, lights & accessories, harnesses, lanyards, gripper rods, panels and frames, and more. When it comes down to it, Irvin is a full-service outdoor advertising supply house, proudly servicing billboard companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. They also work with a number of on-premise signage companies and electrical contractors. Through strategic alliances with manufacturing partners, we offer quality solutions and products to meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients. This is why you want to work with a billboard company that partners with companies like Irvin, Inc. – they know what they are doing and that is a fact. Check out this video where the President of Irvin, Inc., Denise Irvin Cannon talks about the science behind LED lighting:

Watch Your Competitors

Last but not least, watch and see what your competitors are doing and then do it better. If Joe at company X is doing polls on Instagram, find a way to take that up a notch. If company Z is giving 25% off when you purchase ____, up it to 30%!

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