5 Ways To Better Serve Your Students As A Teacher

If you are a teacher, you know that we are all just trying to be the best teachers out there. Every teacher has a different teaching style and every student has a different learning style. Misunderstandings happen based on different learning and teaching styles – that is bound to happen and you cannot avoid it. However, you can always strive to become a better teacher for your students. Here are five ways to better serve your students:

Have Clear Objectives

A framework is required for creativity to flourish.

Imagine driving down an unfamiliar road with no road signs and no GPS guiding you. How will you know where you are going? In the academic world, your objectives for your students should act as the road signs to your final destination. Putting these objectives into place does not suggest a lack of creativity in your curriculum. Rather, these objectives pave a path for creativity to take-off.

Know When To Listen To Students And When To Ignore Them

To be a successful teacher, you must find the balance between listening too much and listening too little or not at all. If you listen too much, you will fail. You will create an environment with too much discussion and stray from your long term picture. If you listen too little or not at all, you will fail. You will create an environment where discussion and creativity are lacking. As a stay-at-home Mom/teacher to my child, it is a difficult task to know when to listen and adapt, and when to divert and stay focused on the long term picture.

Expect Students To Succeed

This one is extremely important. Students need someone to believe in them. They need someone older and wiser to invest in their abilities and their potential.

Similar to many business growth models, you want to set the bar high for your students, while creating an environment where it is okay to fail. In turn, this will provide your students with motivation to keep trying until they reach the expectation that has been set for them.

Use Praise Authentically

Yes, all students need encouragement, but it must be raw and real encouragement. If you have a student who you know does not put 100% effort into their work, it is no good to praise them. You also don’t want to create an environment with an absence of praise or recognition. The key is creating an environment where the encouragement offered is of value because you do it with wise judgement.

Be Prepared And Know What You Are Talking About

Research shows that a better prepared teacher leads to improved student progress.

According to Teaching Point, “Thousands of schools in the United States have been given failing grades by their state Departments of Education. In the meantime, the existing shortage of qualified teachers is so obstinate that some school districts are waiving the established teaching certification requirements. District administrators, principals and teachers are under amplified pressure to improve student achievement scores on standardized tests in the face of the unequal distribution of experienced teachers in every subject.” Crazy, right? I think so, but it definitely makes sense. Teaching Point has a solution. “TEACHINGpoint was established to develop comprehensive teacher preparation and instructional support materials written by expert teachers who understand the needs of novice teachers, teachers with new assignments and teachers facing out-of-field assignments — TheExpert Systems for Teachers™Series of TEACHINGpoint instructional support materials is grounded in research-based best practices and presently serves schools in all 50 U.S. states and over 85 countries.”

Teaching Point provides programs and support for not only teachers, but schools, and districts, as well. When you purchase Teaching Point, you get over 100 full-year subject-specific instructional support materials for teachers with new assignments (including mentoring teacher access), complete catalog and subscription service for every teacher in a school or district plus personalized student learning program, and access to micro-credentials and hours towards license renewals through university courses in over 100 subjects for teachers with new assignments.

Teaching Point serves schools worldwide in over 75 countries and definitely helps teachers feel more confident and prepared through additional education and lesson plans. As a teacher, this is so beneficial because all you want is for your students to succeed and that starts with an educated and very well prepared teacher.

There you go – five ways to better serve your students as a teacher. I hope this article motivated you to become the best teacher that you can possibly be! If you have anything else to add, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Better Serve Your Students As A Teacher

  1. Sarah Gray

    “Students need someone to believe in them. They need someone older and wiser to invest in their abilities and their potential.” That really got me. I think about the difference in the teachers who were important to me and those who weren’t – and it was always the ones who genuinely expressed a desire to help their students & allow them to be themselves.

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