Motherhood- My Journey so far (Birth thru 2 years)

We recently celebrated my Stepson turning 15 & my Daughter turning 2.. AND Wow! What an Unforgetable Experience becoming a Parent has been so far. My heart has never felt SO full of Love. Never have I been/felt so selfless! Having kids is one of the BEST things that has ever happened to me. Is it easy being a Mom? Heck No! I’ve been beat up by a kicking screaming baby, had chunks of my hair pulled out,  thought I had broken me nose or chipped my teeth Multiple times.  So no, it’s not easy, its a daily test of Patience, and yet seeing my children smile fills my heart with so much happiness that it makes it all 100% worth it!

I was fortunate enough to get my feet wet first in the Parenthood pool when I Married my Husband Jason and gained my Stepson Connor (he was 10 years old at the time). Connor is a Musical, Artistic, Fun-Loving Special Needs Teen who has many other challenges in life (like being Blind and having Cerebral Palsy). From assisting Connor get around, to feeding Connor, to any bathroom care, Connor just needs a little more assistance.. and always will. Connor has shown me how to love, care & look after someone that much more. I am so thankful I’ve gotten to experience certain challenges, rough days, break-downs and other situations that have actually helped me gain more experience as a caregiver.

In 2016 we gave birth to our daughter Allison. For me, it was an Emotional Birthing process and my changing hormones afterwards just felt like they were dragging me down. Trying to get use to my new Role as a Mother was a transition and as soon as I did develop a routine Allison would change hers. The first year and a half felt very discombobulated mostly because a baby that little is extremely dependent and can’t even do so much as roll over on their own.

Having two children did become more work and schedules were constantly changing from sleeping to eating times my daughter required. At first I was not sleeping and I had no caffeine intake due to Breastfeeding. As a Breastfeeding Mom I was up ever 2 hours for an hour (at the minimum) at a time. That sudden change from being selfish and getting to sleep-in until anytime I wanted to for as long as I wanted to my new sleepless Mom schedule did get a little easier as Allison got older and slept more often but honestly took me about a year and a half to feel normal again/back to my pre-pregnancy self.

Now, I’m not trying to sound negative, I’m just saying all of this to try and stay transparent, honest and hopefully relatable to anyone who might also be struggling with something I’ve been though. I want you to know you’re not alone with any of these Mom struggles! I’m here to confirm with you that it does get easier and before you know it your completely dependent baby will be an independent walking-talking toddler! If times ever get too stressful just take a minute to yourself, take a step back and just remember this period of time may seem eternal for you now, but it is actually just a short chapter in your book of life.

Until next time✌️ Like, SHARE & let me know any of your struggles/suggestions.

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