3 Easy Healthy Habits to Adapt🥑🍅📚

1. Keep Fruits and Veggies on hand

The best way to get Vitamins and Nutrients is through Food itself. There is no Pill or Substitute that is better than the real thing. Having Healthy Food options on hand is crucial. Buying only unhealthy items means: you bought it, you’ll eat it.

I’ve recently purchased a 2-Tier Wire Basket from Target to keep Healthy Food Options Visible.  This is great because when we do want a snack this is the first thing we see before we ever get to the pantry.

Whether it’s Fresh or Frozen have some options available to incorporate into meals or just have for snacks. If you’re trying to save money, get a few Basics. Spinach, Tomatoes, Avocados, Strawberries, Bananas are just a few great options that I like most. Whether it’s making an Omelette instead of just cooking an egg, or making a fruit parfait instead of just yogurt, there are so many yummy ways to incorporate Nutritious Foods into your Diet.

It’s okay to purchase even just a few Healthy options whenever you go grocery shopping. Therefore, eating better doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money. Keep in mind these foods are perishables so buying a ton of fresh food will cost you money if you don’t eat or freeze it.

2. Drink More Water

If you want to help avoid headaches, stay focused and have clearer skin stay Hydrated. Try swapping soda or juice for water next time your thirsty. Not only will it still quench your thirst but it will make you feel better too. 

Whether it’s Citrus like Lemon or Orange, or something else like Cucumber or Mint water can be enhanced.  Drop Enhancers are another trick to drinking more water and are great for keeping in your bag when your out or at work and unable to add Fresh options.

Drink Great Tasting Filtered Water. We use the Brita Stream filter as you pour Pitcher. Even my Husband says he drinks so much more water after we bought this! It’s great Tasting, Easy to use, and just a Healthier way to consume water.

If you want a laugh and pick up some healthy pointers, check this video out with Steph Curry! Brita Sponsored it and it’s the same kind of Pitcher we have.

3. 10 minute Daily Declutters

Whether it’s your Car, your Home or your Work space you should take even just 10 minutes a day and choose something to declutter. Overtime things need to be cleaned or Tidied up. Most people don’t have an hour or more to do everything but everyone has 10 minutes to spare at some point in their day. Here is a BEFORE & AFTER of a quick declutter:

Keep in mind your setting a Timer for 10 minutes. You may not finish everything but at least you made Progress. Having a Clean and Decluttered Environment to Live and Work in helps you stay Focused, Relaxed and Boosts your Mood! Just getting started somewhere and seeing the difference is immediately Gratifying.

Tip** Turn on some Music and a 10 minute Timer. As you Clean/Declutter you’ll get distracted with the Music and before you know it times up⏲🙌

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