Teeth Whitening

*Discount Code Below*

Looking to WHITEN your Teeth and skip the trips to the dentist office? This Brilliant company has made it possible to order their products online and then it’s all sent straight to your doorstep, custom whitening trays and all.


Made in the USA, the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit is effective at brightening your teeth just as a dentist office would. The best part is that they took that step out for you to not only save you your time by not having to keep going to the dentist, but also saving you money by working directly with you. They even offer different systems (starter kits) for a variety of Stain & Sensitivity levels.


This is what the system comes with (also depends on the kit you pick):

Custom Teeth Whitening Tray (Professional Dental Lab Quality)

Teeth Whitening Gel

Desensitizing Gel

If you eventually run out of the Gel you can purchase those too without having to purchase the whole kit again. If you, like me, were skeptical/had any questions (even wondering if your at home Impressions came out okay) the team at Smile Brilliant has EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Very Quick, Friendly, Knowledgeable Service helping me at any point in the process.

For my family, friends & followers, please enjoy a DISCOUNT CODE I have for you provided by Smile Brilliant:

**Use Code “sunbeamsandmommydreams” for $20 off your tray kit purchase!

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