Sandals Regency La Toc Castries, Saint Lucia

Excellent Experience! Recommended at the minimum for anyones BUCKETLIST. These Gorgeous Resorts are perfect if you Enjoy:

  • Exotic Locations
  • Great Food
  • Being Pampered
  • All Inclusive (Adult Only) Resorts
  • FREE WEDDINGS.. Yes, Free!

There were so many Adventurous as well as Leisure Activities to do as well on and off the Property. From Golf to Snorkeling, from Rum Tasting Contests to Street Carnival Parties. Possibly our FAVORITE part was that guests get ALL ACCESS passes to the 2 other Sandals Resorts on St. Lucia. This means more Pools, Shops & Restaurants to Discover!

In another Blog post I’ll be writing about the Exotic Locations, Great Food & Being Pampered at the Sandals Resorts. This Blog post I’m concentrating on their Weddings because my Wedding Anniversary is coming up this month ❤ Now of course, if you just want to go there purely for VACATION then you just book it straight through their site and your done.

Planning a Wedding can be extremely stressful. That’s exactly what it started becoming before doing our research and switching from a Traditional Wedding to an Intimate Location Wedding. To this day, we can still say that we are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with our decision to have gotten Married while also Enjoying our Honeymoon at the Beautiful Sandals- Regency La Toc in Castries, Saint Lucia. Located in the West Indies, this Resort and the two other Sandals Resorts on Saint Lucia all have Breathtaking Ocean Views, Lush Landscape & Outstanding Food among many other reasons to visit.

From Day 1 of booking and selecting the Wedding Planning option through Sandals we were greeted via Email with Helpful, Professional & Polite Wedding Planners that were there to cater to our every wish.

Sandals has come up with a less stressful way of planning your Wedding. Whether you want small and intimate (like Jason and I) or you want a large attendance, Sandals offers many locations on the properties and seating arrangements to accommodate. The booking & Wedding option selection process was simple and only took a few hours (when you compare to a Traditional Wedding how many hours would you spend planning everything?!) It felt fun being in the comfort of our home, I liked the privacy of it too. Jason and I felt we could openly express and not hold back any likes or dislikes to each other about anything during the planning process. Later on you are contacted via phone to tie up any other details with one of their FABULOUS Wedding Planners making the whole experience simple and stress free!

Once on the property your meet with the Wedding Planners, try different Cake Options, confirm last minute wedding info/details & meet with certain officials to finish up some paperwork for your Marriage. Then the day of your Wedding (depending on all of the options you’ve selected) you could be pampered anywhere from Hair and Makeup to a full on Photo Session with one of Sandals Professional Photographers.

When it came down to it, we ended up paying for our Honeymoon and getting our Wedding for FREE! We had a fabulous time along the way and I can’t wait to share it all with you in future posts<3

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